Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I lazy or what?

It has been a while since I have written a blog. Why? I guess I was too ambitious, trying to write something with a meaning. I am beginning to learn this is my main flaw: Trying to do well, and, consequently, sometimes not delivering the simpler thing. Charlie Molnar, one of my role models, had the same flaw. Just that he was seriously too smart and persistent, so he could get away with that.

It seems I am not alone in that. Talked to a friend today who admitted to the same issue. Maybe we cluster together, folks who always want to do better.

Well, I hope I am learning. Lately I made a fortunate decision to read a bunch of Google papers. I generally dislike technical papers - the fashion seems to be to make everything look complicated so that authors look smart. Google papers appear different - I guess their success makes it clear people working on their software are clever, so obfuscation may not be necessary. I am in awe with the attitude of their approach - the algorithms and approaches fell to me like "don't worry be happy lying on a beach". Strip away unnecessary complexity. When something goes wrong, calmly accept it and deal with it. Love it despite not so subtle rubbing it in that their stuff blows everything else away.