Sunday, July 22, 2007

The meaning of train?

I saw Zhou Yu's Train today. It felt very European, moody. Yet Chinese. They can be moody, too. Not sure what to think of it, the movie did not leave me flooded with emotions like some do. Still, it made me contemplate. We run. Figuratively, mostly, of course. We rarely stop. Then we age and start to contemplate.

Wes, who turned 80 this year, seems quite changed from 10 or so years ago when we first met. What matters now is what affects humanity. Helping others. Caring for each other. I thought for a moment Wes could afford thinking like that, some historians already study his life and contributions. It dawned upon me that all I need is my own permission and I, too, don't have to vanish in the sea of averages. You don't have to do it either.

Back to the movie. I think I like it. Gong Li was her usual spectacular self, there was plenty of beautifully shot scenery. The plot was not of a cookie-cutter variety. The pace was deliciously slow. I really like it when the story takes its time. Well, there are limits. Scent of the Green Papaya was too slow for my temper.

So what is it that we yearn for? Like trains, do we fleet through tunnels, looking for that light, just to enter another tunnel? Do we wear out and take comfort in simplicity? I hope not.

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