Monday, September 24, 2007

Back, or not?

The last two moths have been trying. We had to quickly find a new home and move. One must let go, so I will avoid reciting details of what lead to the move. Let me say that human decency can be in a very short supply.

Given that my focus has been on finding and establishing our new dwelling, my work focus was not quite there, consequently I have some catching up to do. Thankfully, my manager has an interesting view of a salaried job - you are paid for your cummulative performance and not by the hour. In my current line of work (bona fide research) this makes lots of sense. I wish more people were as wise as my boss can be.

Quick update on today: First I got an email from a former colleague, now a big cheese in a big company, who responded to my suggestion for a new manager of a development office where I used to work. The response made me smile, albeit a bit sadly - the guy I suggested was not sufficiently tough. It made me really think - how can you be tough when your current position has only one way for you to succeed - by bringing people together and having them work out compromises. We have such a strong tendency to see people within a box we draw. I guess each of s has a box, but who among the people who can materially affect our life has the patience and sophistication to see an appropriate box. I guess it is up to us to demonstrate that we have the range. I guess it is all about the easier sad than done creation of opportunities.

Two people, a friend and one of my tai chi students are both very ill. I wish the well. For me, I selfishly yearn for good news.

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